Friday, November 27, 2020
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Hunt Ball Song

Anthony Knott's horse gets his own song:

Cold Shower for Davy Russell

Irish Language Channel TG4 did a great job with Jockey Eile and are to be back soon with 'Jump Boys' - a year...

The extraction by Cullen

Jockeys are known to be amongst bravest of sportsmen...see Tony McCoy's tweet today: Thanks for all the messages just...

Jockey Fight – Davy Condon v Pencil Maxwell

An epic fight between Jockeys Davy 'Baywatch' Condon and Conor 'Pencil' Maxwell.  Davy is wearing a little Pamela Anderson number...suits you sir!

Jockey Fight – Keith v Spud

The Klitchkos better watch out....Another epic bout between Jockeys Keith & Spud, although we think its more WWF than WBA!!

Fast Talking Jockey

A brilliant little sketch from the aptly titled comedy The Sketch Show. This jockey sure has a way with words.

John McCririck is Angry

John McCririck is one of the most famous horse racing reporters in the world. Known for his unorthodox style and often controversial...

John Francome Hilarious Interview

Jockey John Francome discusses his method to fighting weight gain over the Christmas Holidays. Sound advice John, it sounds better than any...

Ted Walsh Swearing

Ted Walsh always gives impassioned reports at the races so it isn't any wonder why sometimes a few expletives escape in the...

Peter Casey : Goin’ Gold Cupin’ and more

Irish Trainer Peter Casey landed his first Grade One Race, the Irish Arkle and became an internet sensation all in the one...

Horse Announcer Voice Fail

An Australian losing their voice ?  That's a new one on us . Here we have horse racing commentator Jimmy Jacques struggling...

Streaker at the Races

We once Santa Claus get on the track at Kempton but nope we have never seen a streaker at the races . Thankfully it is...
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Ladbrokes Trophy 2020

Hennessy Gold Cup Stats We are still getting used to the new sponsor of the race formally known as...

Jumps Boys

Only Davy left now.

Arkle – the greatest steeplechaser

Red Rum Tribute

The most famous jumps horse of all.