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  • Next McManus Number One Jockey

    Mark Walsh will probably stay riding the Irish based ones...

    Jonjo Jr is a good shout, I'm not sure JP would wait and see/bide his time if he becomes good enough, the link and friendship between him and his Dad seems strong enough to at least give him a go!

    That said, waiting until October may class as biding his time and that'd make sense.

    I wonder if Bryan Hughes will come under consideration?

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      Just before Kev put that up I was about to say Richard Johnson for a few years and wait for Jonjo jr.


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        Originally posted by somer1 View Post
        Just before Kev put that up I was about to say Richard Johnson for a few years and wait for Jonjo jr.
        I wouldn't have thought Dickie would, but I also remember being very surprised when Barry got the job so I have no form!

        I'm a little surprised to see Mark Walsh odds on, I feel like the model they have now with one jockey on each side of the water worked quite nicely... so to 'relocate' him officially wouldn't make sense.

        First one that popped into my head was Coleman, and he's 2nd fav but I think Jonjo Jr is a better shout.

        Then I thought a flyer on Bryan Hughes and seeing him at 25/1 is tempting a little bit...

        Then again, I don't really get involved in markets like this as betting events.


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          Racing Post article on the JP rider market:


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            Next McManus Number One Jockey

            Worth a thread of its own ?

            I am going to take Frank Berry at his word

            Asked whether a replacement for Geraghty as the leading owner’s principal jockey would be announced, Berry added: “I’d imagine we’ll just be carrying on as we are, but nothing is set in stone.”
            So Mark Walsh gets the Irish ones.

            Dickie the Hobbs horses (or should we say horse).

            Aidan Coleman most of the Henderson hurdlers. Nico got a mention after RSA for schooling Champ so could be a debate there.

            Nicholls will use his own jocks.

            Jonjo Jnr will get some.

            Barry only had 88 rides in GB last season so maybe not that much to share out.
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              88 rides isn't many is it! How many of those at Cheltenham?


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                Originally posted by Kevloaf View Post
                88 rides isn't many is it! How many of those at Cheltenham?
                11 at the festival - 29 for season




                29 9 31 4 14 17.20 premium content
                Hurdles 16 6 38 2 13 15.33 premium content
                Chases 11 2 18 1 9 -3.63 premium content
                Bumpers 2 1 50 1 50 5.50 premium content
                KEMPTON PARK 9 4 44 1 11 3.19 premium content
                NEWBURY 9 3 33 1 11 -4.06 premium content
                ASCOT 7 2 29 3 43 -2.40 premium content
                LEOPARDSTOWN 15 2 13 3 20 6.00 premium content
                EXETER 5 2 40 1 20 0.00 premium content
                LUDLOW 6 1 17 2 33 -3.50 premium content
                SANDOWN PARK 3 1 33 2 67 0.00 premium content
                HUNTINGDON 3 1 33 1 33 2.00 premium content
                CARLISLE 1 1 100 0 0 4.00 premium content
                FONTWELL PARK 1 1 100 0 0 0.66 premium content
                NAAS 7 0 0 3 43 -7.00 premium content
                NEWCASTLE 2 0 0 1 50 -2.00
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                  Thanks mayo, really isn't as big a job as it once was then?!

                  Perhaps I'm over estimating how many AP used to ride


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                    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Hughes started riding some of JP’s horses at the northern tracks next season. He’s put himself bang in the shop window after his achievements last season and JP has horses racing everywhere around the UK & Ireland.


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                      Davy Russell when he's free ? Anyone ??


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                        Originally posted by Pendil1111 View Post
                        Davy Russell when he's free ? Anyone ??
                        Well he's not quoted originally at anything less than 500/1

                        I think Davy has it too good sharing duties with Jack at Elliott's pad...

                        They almost certainly need one jockey either side of the Irish Sea.

                        Ignoring all the obvious, now Robbie Power is in Ireland, that isn't a ridiculous thought...but he seems to be in bed with Tizzy still


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                          And, Coleman has taken the retained rider to Olly Murphy yard job.