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  • Thanks DG

    Great Competition

    well done to FM and I C

    Group H was a tough Group

    Good luck to all


    • Thanks DG and MoM for organising the comps, I really enjoyed it. Best of luck to those who have progressed


      • Congrats to tiger and everyone else who got thru.. Great game DG


        • Originally posted by Birds Nest View Post
          Congrats to tiger and everyone else who got thru.. Great game DG
          Thx mate - nothing to do with pure luck of course

          Big thx to DG for helping us with some fun to get through lockdown

          Stay safe all
          Fat Jockey Patron (est. Jan 2021)


          • I am officially out but thanks for organising epic effort


            • Well done to archie and Penzance for getting through.

              Thanks DG for sorting and good luck to all in the knock outs.


              • Echo everyone’s comments.

                Thanks DG, enjoying this thoroughly at the weekends.


                • Originally posted by Green Goddess View Post
                  I am officially out but thanks for organising epic effort
                  An epic effort was amassing 31 points today and taking down ‘The Guvnor’, well played Sir...


                  • Brilliant stuff DG. Once again thanks for organising and good luck to everyone in the knockouts.


                    • The nominated meeting for the first knockout stage on Saturday is Ascot

                      Rules as they apply for the knockout stages

                      As regards selections for each race in a match, 5 points awarded for a winner, 3 points for a second, and 1 point for a third. In the event of a dead heat for first place, both horses receive 4 points, in the event of a dead heat for second place, both horses score 2 points.

                      If any matches in the knock out stages are tied, a sudden death penalty shoot-out based on the selections made will decide the winner. Only winning selections count as a penalty scored. The selection for Race 1 will represent first penalty, selection for Race 2 second penalty and so on. If still level the match will be replayed the following day and the penalty shoot out would apply once again.

                      Any disputes the decision of the administrator of the competition on the day in play is final.
                      The owls are not what they seem


                      • Cheers DG.

                        Tritonic (stepney causeway)

                        Roksana (magic of Light)

                        Janika (craigneche)

                        Yalltari (de forgotten one)

                        Good Boy Bobby (domaine de lisle)

                        Waiting patiently (defi du seuil)

                        Jeremy Pass (valleres)

                        See what you can do with that Faugheen_Machine
                        Good luck sir.
                        You will need it.


                        • 12.40. TRITONIC (reserve Stepney Causeway)

                          1.15 ROKSANA (Magic of Light)

                          1.50 JANIKA (Arrivederci)

                          2.25 ENQARDE (De Forgotten One)

                          3.00 GOOD BOY BOBBY (Bennys King)

                          3.35. POLITILOGUE (Waiting Patiently)

                          4.10 VALLERES (Jeremy Pass)

                          All yours Penzance.

                          Best of luck young man.


                          • 12.40 - Tritonic (Stepney Causeway)
                            1.15 - Roksana (Magic of Light)
                            1.50 - Danny Kirwin (Craigneiche)
                            2.25 - Crossley Tender (De Forgotten One)
                            3.00 - Espoir De Guye (Bennys King)
                            3.35 - Politologue (Waiting Patiently)
                            4.10 - Valleres (Tupelo Mississippi)

                            Over to you Ryan91


                            • 12.40 Stepney Causeway (Tritonic)
                              1.15 Roksana (Magic of Light)
                              1.50 Lightly Squeeze (Kateson)
                              2.25 Cobolobo (Yalltari)
                              3.00 Domaine De Isle (Windsor Avenue)
                              3.35. Politilogue (DDS)
                              4.10 Jeremy Pass (Valleres)

                              Good luck Quevega


                              • 12.40 - Tritonic (Vulcan)
                                1.15 - Roksana (Magic of Light)
                                1.50 - Craigneiche (Paddy's Motorbike)
                                2.25 - Cobolobo (De Forgotten One)
                                3.00 - Good Boy Bobby (Dashel Drasher)
                                3.35 - Politologue (Duc Des Geneivres)
                                4.10 - Valleres (Tupelo Mississippi)

                                May the best man win Scooby91