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Who is the best tipster on Fat Jockey ?

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  • 12.40 - Frankincense
    13.15 - Sky Pirate
    13.50 - Next Destination
    14.25 - Admirel
    15.00 - Captain C
    15.35 - Imperial A
    16.05 - Gold Bullion


    • 12.40 - Detached (K'chou Du Pecos AA)
      13.15 - Sky Pirate (Amoola Gold)
      13.50 - Nest Destination (Fiddlerontheroof)
      14.25 - Oscar Elite (Jay Bee Why)
      15.00 - Le Breuil (Storm Control)
      15.35 - Come On Teddy (Kepagge)
      16.05 - Code Name Lise (Gold Bullion)


      • 12.40 Frankincense (Pasley)
        13.15 Sky Pirate (Amoola Gold)
        13.50 Next Destination (Fiddlerontheroof)
        14.25 Oscar Elite (Make Me A Believer)
        15.00 Storm Control (Notachance)
        15.35 Come On Teddy (Potters Corner)
        16.05 Gold Bullion (Teds Friend)


        • 12.40 Detached (Top Beak)
          13.15 Amoola Gold (Equus Millar)
          13.50 Next Destination (Fiddlerontheroof)
          2.25 Midnight River (Adrimel)
          3.00 Le Breuil (Storm Control)
          3.35 Come On Teddy (Keppage)
          4.05 Bernard Castle (Code Name Lise)


          • 12.40 Frankincense / Mawlood
            1.15 Amoola Gold / Equus Millar
            1.50 Next Destination / Golan Fortune
            2.25 Make Me a Believer / Mint Condition
            3.00 Walk in the Mill / Not a Chance
            3.35 Mr Harp / Keppage
            4.05 Gold Bullion / Code Name Lise


            • Magnificent Ben (Black Karalosa)
              Amoola Gold (Sky Pirate)
              Next Destination (Fiddlerontheroof)
              Make Me A Believer (Adrimel)
              Le Breuil (Walk In The Mill)
              Imperial Alcazar (Keppage)
              Gold Bullion (Baxter Basics)
              Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more I sweat, the luckier I get.


              • Frankincense (Will Sting)

                Amoola Gold (Sky Pirate)

                Next Destination (Fiddlerontheroof)

                Adrimel (Make Me A Believer)

                Captain Chaos (Le Breuil)

                Come on Teddy (Keppage)

                Gold Bullion (Baxter Basics)


                • Frankincense (Will Sting)
                  Sky Pirate (Equus Millar)
                  Next Destination (Fiddleontheroof)
                  Make Me A Believer (Jay Bee Why)
                  Notachance (Storm Control)
                  Come On Teddy (Potters Corner)
                  Gold Bullion (Teds Friend)


                  • Detached (Will Sting)
                    Amoola Gold (Sky Pirate)
                    Fiddlerontheroof (Next Destination)
                    Adrimel (Midnight River)
                    Storm Control (Notachance)
                    Potters Corner (Come On Teddy)
                    Gold Bullion (Code Name Lise)


                    • B.C.- Warwick.
                      ..................... Frankincense - ( pasley ).
                      Amoola Gold - ( sky pirate ) .
                      N. Destination - ( fiddleronthe roof ).
                      Make me a believer - ( Jay be why ) .
                      Notachance - ( le breuil ).
                      Imperial Alcazar - ( come on teddy ) .
                      Gold Bullion - ( code name lisa ) .
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                      • Pasley
                        Amoola Gold
                        Lord of Karek
                        Storm Control
                        Come on Teddy Teds Friend


                        • Originally posted by Lobos View Post
                          Amoola Gold
                          Lord of Karek
                          Storm Control
                          Come on Teddy Teds Friend
                          Fair play to you for sticking at it when many would have just sent fringe players and the youth team out for a run.


                          • Frankincense (Pasley)
                            Sky Pirate (Amoola Gold)
                            Next Desination (Fiddleronthetoof)
                            Make me a believer (Oscar Elite)
                            Captain Chaos (Notachance)
                            Imperial Alcazar (Come on Teddy)
                            Gold Bullion (Ted’s Friend)
                            Fat Jockey Patron (est. Jan 2021)


                            • 12.40 - Detached (Will Sting)
                              13.15 - Amoola Gold (Destrier)
                              13.50 - Fiddlerontheroof (Next Destination)
                              14.25 - Pure Bliss (Midnight River)
                              15.00 - Captain Chaos (Django Django)
                              15.35 - Ardelethan (Come on Teddy)
                              16.05 - Ted’s Friend (Gold Bullion)

                              A dead rubber match between me and Sharphat, let’s hope it’s a high scoring fixture


                              • 12.40. FRANKINCENSE (res Magnificent Ben)

                                1.15 SKY PIRATE (Amoola Gold)

                                1.50 NEXT DESTINATION (Fiddlerontheroof)

                                2.25 MAKE ME A BELIEVER (Oscar Elite)

                                3.00 NOT A CHANCE (The Hollow Ginge)

                                3.35 COME ON TEDDY (Imperial Alcazar)

                                4.05 GOLD BULLION (Ted's Friend)