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The ‘I’m struggling’ thread

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  • The ‘I’m struggling’ thread

    Some time ago the General Discussion thread ventured into personal territory with several members sharing their views and experiences on struggles during lockdown.

    Times are still not great for many and whilst we all enjoy discussing Cheltenham, racing in general, alternative sport amongst other things our real lives can be demanding and get on top of us, this is a thread for anything from general screaming/stress relief to offering advice on managing life situations.

    There will be members, people we engage with every day, who are silently struggling, feel free to share issues in here and I’m sure you’ll find a sympathetic ear and you might get some useful advice or pointers...

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    Excellent idea for a thread


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      I think this Is a brilliant idea for a thread and totally behind anyone who wishes to talk openly in here.

      I do think as a suggestion it should be moved to the members section maybe - out of the eyes of any lurkers?

      just a suggestion but as I said, great idea


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        Fantastic idea for a thread Ista. If anybody doesn't want to discuss any issues in the open forum, my inbox is open to everybody here - day or night.


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          In all honesty if no-one ever posts in thread that would be a good thing because that would signal all is well with people, but the option is there if people need it...


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            Great idea Ista. I am sure most feel the struggles of lockdown in some way or another. I've found the key to managing the stresses of lockdown to be routine, and would encourage anyone struggling to try and maintain an organised routine of getting enough sleep, exercise and fresh air. All those things are good for the soul, and it's so easy to slip into bad routines where you sleep in, drink too much, gamble too much, not exercise, stay inside etc.


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              Lovely idea Ista, my inbox is genuinely always open to anyone who wants a natter on MH stuff (or anything else for that matter). I'm not going to give my own life story here but I get it, put it that way, and know that no matter how relentlessly tough and helpless it might feel, it always passes and it can absolutely be turned into a positive and a character builder and ultimately put in its place. Seriously, send that PM if you need to.
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                It’s a very nice idea of a thread Ista, I personally think it would be another thread for members only to read so not available for general viewing if that was possible


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                  I'm a fully signed up member to the Tony Soprano weekly sessions, via zoom of course.
                  Nice lady called Jo.


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                    Originally posted by The King Pimm View Post
                    It’s a very nice idea of a thread Ista, I personally think it would be another thread for members only to read so not available for general viewing if that was possible
                    I'll do that with a little re-structure - just want to know how much needs amending before I do it though.

                    Leave it with me Sir.

                    A very important thread Ista, a very good idea and thank-you for everything you do behind the scenes. I know OV and I get a lot of credit, but you do help out more than you're ever given credit for.

                    COD and FM too, do a lot for this place with literally no recognition a lot of the time and it is very much appreciated.


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                      Top man Ista. Excellent idea for a thread.

                      I echo Kevs words to thank everyone involved with the running of the forum. I like to think we’ve got a bit of a community on here now and one over the years I’m pleased to feel apart of.

                      My inbox is always open


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                        I suffer with an anxiety disorder - managed with a combo of prescribed drugs and ACT therapy.

                        I’ve had ups and downs but generally been ok over lockdown but only because I am far more aware now and know the signs and my triggers.

                        Others aren’t so lucky. Great thread Mr Braq. Having been through some dark times I have no issue now with discussing my own mental fragilities. So if anyone wants to talk, either in here or over PM etc, shout me up.


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                          Some great comments/responses to this thread, all the offers of help I know will be sincere.

                          I’m far from qualified to offer advice and the concept of the thread was just to create a place for people to download/bounce feelings and similarly for anyone with experience in these things to offer some kind of practical advice.

                          Thanks GS for your message, you may be someone people can turn to (privately or publicly), is it safe to assume the forum can be used as an escape from reality and a short term ‘break’ from whatever struggles one may have ?
                          This forum offers so much by way of entertainment and sharing of knowledge but if we thought it also helped people through low times that would probably be its’ biggest success and not something the creators/owners could ever have imagined when setting this place up...


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                            For sure, creating a safe space so to speak, to allow
                            people with a joint love of horse racing to jot down whatever thoughts they may be having...without the feeling of de-railing a discussion on the merits of the Ryanair (say), must be a good thing.


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                              Nice one Ista, a great idea, and as per many on here, my inbox is open for anyone and everyone