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Cheltenham Preview Night Reports 2015: Waterford
Fri, Feb 27th, 2015

Arguably the best panel of the 2015 Cheltenham Preview season was assembled last night at the Woodlans Hoel in Waterford for Ladbrokes Preview night. This report comes via the tweets of @JamieHeffo. Thanks to him.

Check out our 2015 Cheltenham Preview Report thread for more including a full report last nights previews at Dublin Racing Club and Warwick.


John Francome
Nick Luck
Tom Segal aka Pricewise
Davy Russell
Bryan Cooper
Jim McGrath
Noel O'Brien
Jessica Harringthon

Supreme up first
Francome- Lami Serge for Francombe says way he went up Sandown hill and galloped and that's what he wants for a supreme horse
Cooper- Impressed by Lami Serge but thinks Douvan could be the Irish banker
Segal- hold off backing Douvan until the day he must be bigger on the day. Ground is key, likes Jollyallan thinks big player.
Jim McGrath- Lami Serge also. Doesn't think Douvan is within 7lb of LS at the moment.
Russell- if a 2nd season novice beats Douvan it's a truly shocking race. Tell Us More has no chance because of Sire. Can't win a grade 1.
Russell- Good word from bentellimar but can't see past Douvan.
Luck- Lami Serge he likes aswel but gives Qewy a good mention. Said Barry thought Cardinal Walter was a good thing before Qewy destroyed him
Jessie- Is a Douvan fan, says he beat a very good mare of hers in Rock of the Moor and thinks he's the one.
Hayley says not to back Douvan until Monday before race but can't say anymore or she gets fired. Enhancement looks on the way.
Noel o Brien the Irish handicapper thinks Douvan is a star in waiting
Segal says he's back Jollyallan better ground to suit.

Arkle up next.
Francome- Only hope of beaten UDS is if he's buzzy and something takes him on.
Cooper- felt Clarcam would of won last year at Cheltenham. He will ride to come 2nd but thinks UDS could be very buzzy at Cheltenham.
Says there is nothing he can do to beat him and that's the truth. He's riding to come 2nd and see what happens.
Segal- worries for Josses Hill, Francomble says he won't make it round. Puts it Smashing as forecast.
McGrath- timeform have UDS better than Sacre at the same stage in careers.
Francome can't wait for Special Tiara vs UDS.
McGrath- positive mentions for Vibrato and reckons he will pick up pieces if something happens.
Russell says UDS will win but wouldn't back him until ya see him at the start. Thinks Josses will come 2nd.
Russell says UDS is always on edge in the parade rings so be careful.
Harrington- Clarcam can follow home but Josses just doesn't jump well enough to be competitive.
Noel O Brien- UDS is a champion hurdler in a race of handicappers.
Jessie says don't mind Barry saying Josses will win he thinks they will all win, great attitude to have.

Champion Hurdle time
Harrington- Jezki is good form very happy with him. Hasn't had a great prep getting beat 3 times but thinks after the mistake didn't get hard race compared to the fly. Very worried about Faugheen. Ultra impressive. You can question what's he's beaten though.
Noel O Brien- Questions Faugheens form beating Purple Bay who was 6th in Galway off 153. Jezki is a spring horse. Age only thing against Fly
Noel does think Faugheen is the one to beat all the same.
Francome- thinks the new one was lame last time out so the fly is a great e/w bet in 4 runner race seeing as one will be lame.
If Francome had the choice he probably wouldn't get off the fly but just for what he's done for Ruby.
Russell- not a disadvantage Ruby riding Faugheen because Paul rides him everyday and knows him best.
Russell- soft the fly beats the lot. Mullins has had a free pass this year and says the press should ask why has he not ran proper tests.
Russell- no way is Faugheen an even money shot against two champions and an unlucky horse last season.
Cooper- not a man to ask about decisions seeing as he keeps getting it wrong lately. Would ride the fly probably and Faugheen poor price.
Cooper- agrees with Russell about the jockey situation won't be a disadvantage.
Segal- thought the new one should of won last year dead unlucky and thought he was the one if back to his best but very worried about LTO.
McGrath- Faugheen will win, has the best form this season but jumping might be an issue. Very fast horse. 6/4 biggest price he's ever been.
Luck- if you listened to all the bollix that came from the Mullins yard you will be skint. Jezki very fair price at 9/2.
Harrington- doesn't think Plinth can do the job as pacemaker but says should be a good pace in a champion.

Neptune time.
Cooper- I'll ride outlander. Trip will suit well. Jumps, travels but people are forgetting Shaneshill.
Segal- doesn't fancy NC should be in Supreme. Not a great race, wanted to back Windsor Park but Russell told him going Albert. PG for him.
McGrath- Parlour games beaten slow coaches but thinks he's a good horse. Worries if Outlander quick enough so Nicholls Canyon.
Russell- NC in wrong race. Windsor Park not certain for AB. Jokes he fancied Outlander until he heard Cooper was riding cuz he can't pick em
Russell- Windsor park jumping is getting better and he stays very well. Francomble reckons WP has a back problem the way he jumps.
Noel O Brien- Outlander 7lb behind NC and PG. Windsor Park achieved a lot finishing so close the last day.
Luck- Alan Kings horse could be overlooked. Think he beat Value At Risk easily and he's his e/w pick but not to convinced, open race.
Harrington- likes WP to finish so close jumping so bad means he could be a good horse if the jumping improves.

RSA time the one I'm looking forward too.
Cooper- says everyone keeps asking is Don Poli goes. Himself, Michael and Eddie want RSA but WIllie wants RSA. Decision likely to be 9th.
Cooper- wouldn't like to get in an argument with Michael so hopes he gets his way over O Leary.
Russell- Very surprised DP is as good as he is. Bradstock has to send CG RSA or license should be taken off.
Russell says he would walk to Cheltenham in his underpants for a chance to ride Coneygree
McGrath- Don Poli loves being hit. Says he should take a lot of beating in any novice race.
Segal- race of the festival. Coneygree fantastic never seen a horse jump like him in a long time.
Russell says no advantage running in Gold Cup he just cannot win the Gold Cup. Like a minor making step up to Senior.
Big discussion now on how Gold Cup can finish a novice that runs in it.
Noel O Brien- Coneygree is exceptional. Would still have a fair bit to find with Conti but will win RSA for him. Wants him in RSA
McGrath- kings palace is a good horse but races he's in haven't had strength of DP and Coneygree.
Harrington- if Coneygree ran in RSA she thinks he's a certainty. Says it can break novices the RSA. Many horses never won again after.
Francome- Kings Palace is the best jumper of the lot and won't desert him until he's beating, has a touch of class compared to rest.
Ladbrokes will be NRNB monday.
Cooper- Very Wood will go 4miler and Wounded Warrior will go RSA.
Bit surprised myself about Coopers comments. That surely means DP for RSA because he thinks WW may struggle.

Champion Chase
Noel O Brien goes for Fever as there are less doubts about him than the rest.
Harrington- can't enough half a mistake in this. Sacre got tired LTO in her opinion and says she gave grief for saying Sace better than MF.
Luck- Sacre comeback was good. Doesn't seem to finish off as well is the worry. Quite likes mr mole in this. Form this year fantastic.
Russell- DB soundest of them all but just can't see it or can't see SS winning. Said Barry can't see him being beat though.
Noel- Sacre is a stone below his best as they see it.
McGrath- wasn't impressed by Sacre at all and didn't like his finishing effort. Doesn't like DB and though SDG looked back to best.
Segal- Sacre reminds him of big bucks coming back. Couldn't back him at 33/1 . SDG looks back to best. DB isn't for him can't win.
Segal- can't believe Hidden Cyclone is going Ryanair.
Cooper- very impressed with SDG. He's the pick for him and worried about Sacre bleeding.
Cooper- Special Tiara could be one to follow SDG home. Francombe picks SDG loves the course
Francome asked Ryan Moore how SDG was and Ryan just said he will win.

JLT next.
Luck- Ptiz Zig has achieved the most of them over fences.
Luck has a bet for us all, Splash of Ginge e/w.
Russell- wouldn't be finished with the Tullow tank ran very well the last day, very good horse.
Cooper- The Tullow Tanks jumping hasn't improved in schooling and that's a big worry.
McGrath- questions what was wrong with Vautour and Luck says it was the Bullshit that was wrong with him
Mcgrath- if Vautour can get back to Navan run he will win, same for Davy Russell.
Segal- likes AS and VL thinks it's the best form and segal and cooper agree VL def reverse form.
Cooper confirms he rides Valseur Lido in JLT.

Ryanair up next.
Cooper- can't fault The Don. One thing he's doing compared to last year is finishing off his races. Gordon is delighted with him.
Francome- not sure Don would of beaten Fever LTO but he goes QM so doesn't matter so he thinks DC will win.
Segal- Cue Card has been horrible can't jump now. Likes John Spirit, but worried about the different course and that worries him and Davy.
Davy gives positive mention to Eduard but might not be good enough in a good race.
McGrath- John Spirit for him not so worried about the course thing. Balder Success better horse at 2m4f and that's his two against field
Russell- forever they thought Don was a great horse and not a 3miler. Delighted with how he handled thurles and deserves favouritism.
Luck- Ma Filleule he likes. Ran very well LTO and tries her heart out. Wonders if Boston Bob could run and thinks he may and price big.
Davy mocks Lucks picks Boston Bob and Mr Mole
Harrington- impressed with Don and reckons he wins. JS and MF to give him the most to do, open race.
Noel- likes the 16/1 about Hidden Cyclone thinks it's his best trip.

World hurdle next
Luck giving Russell stick about Cooper beating him on Lieutenant Colonel against Jetson.
Russell was told Annie Power could run in World Hurdle and Hayley of the sponsors says lots of money for her.
Russell- the two races in Ireland this season were good races and doesn't have a strong view on English horses.
McGrath suggests if you want a bet e/w Jetson is the one.
Segal- if Annie doesn't run he reckons Saphir is a certainty but even if she does should win anyway.
Cooper- LC was very weak going Neptune and they didn't want to run him so ignore that run.
Francome- likes Rock on Ruby prefers him to the two top English hopes.
Noel reckons Annie may go because Glens Melody can win Mares. Not a strong race so handicap form comes into it so Jetson has a chance.
Cooper- Dedigout needs heavy to be considered. Russell says there is no chance him running but Cooper says if there's rain he goes.

Triumph Hurdle next
Cooper- asked if he's going to win the triumph he replies no. Not sure Irish are any good. She might place but very surprised if she wins.
Noel- Peace and Co is 7lb ahead of anything else in the race.
Harrington- likes Beltor, very impressed with him LTO and may be an e/w play.
Luck- likes Barry O Connell horse that won first time up last week, 25/1 could be a big price. Uneducated guess. BC said ran like schooling.
Russell just hates the triumph end of.
McGrath- impressed with Peace and Co. Worked very well apparently in last piece of work and Barry likes him a lot.
Segal- against P&C can't win a triumph pulling. Thinks Top Notch is bombproof will finish in the 3 for sure.
Russell says do stuff with the Girlfriend while the triumph is on

Gold Cup time.
Francome- only two for him. Made to much use of Conti last season. Smad Place to big a price, stays and loves Cheltenham.
Cooper- RTR will improve for better ground. Likes the way he went away the last day. Fears Carlingford Lough the most he's the one to beat.
Segal- CL massively underrated and peaking at the right time. Just needs to get into that a good flow of jumping early and if he does wins.
McGrath- Holywell doesn't look like a chaser to him when he seen him at Kelso. Likes LW is good ground, run last day was very encouraging
Davy wouldn't swap LW for anything. He's as good if not better than Weapons Amnesty who he thought could of been the best chaser he ridden.
Luck- Soft many clouds and good ground Carlingford Lough for him.
Harrington- likes the two Galway plate winners as you know they will come up a hill. Thinks RTR wins, CL 2nd, LW 3rd, Irish 123 & a tricast
Noel thinks it's a year to soon for Foxrock.
Carlingford Lough, Conti, Lord Windemere, Road to Richies, only ones the panel can see doing well besides Luck

Other races
Stone Hard runs in the bumper. Cooper says they will let him run to keep willie happy about the whole Don Poli situation.
Handicaps- Segal really likes Druids Nephew, Hostile Fire for the Fred Winter.
McGrath likes Supasundae for the bumper who is now with Henry De Bromhead.
McGrath likes what a warrior for 3m handicap on first day and Dawalan & big easy for the pertemps.
Russell- Edeymi is thrown in and he's was stopped last time out for sure and trained by Tony Martin. Cooper is asked and just nods. Pertemps
Back Edeymi for the pertemps people.
Russell says back whatever Johnny Burke rides in the boys race, 2 stone better than everyone else.
Cooper- Rois Des Francs with Davy Mullins on board in the Martin Pipe is very similar to a Don Poli.
Jessie likes Macnicholson or however ya spell it in the Martin Pipe

Charity Bets-
Noel O Brien(Conti),
Harrington(hurricane ridge&Don Cossack)
Luck(Generous Ransom&MrMole)
Cooper(VeryWood in the 4MILER!!!)
Francome(Hurricane Fly)

That's all folks thanks for listening
Tonight ended the debate on where Don Poli goes for me. He's going RSA along with Wounded Warrior and Very Wood going 4miler. Valseur JLT.

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