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    If you could own/train/ride one handicap winner at the festival

    What race would you choose?

    Basically what handicap race has the most prestige in your eyes?

    Probably the Ultima for me. Followed by the Coral Cup.

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    Probably the County Hurdle for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComplyOrDie View Post
    Probably the County Hurdle for me!
    Forgot about that one. That probably is the better hurdle race of that and the Coral Cup.

    Think overall, I’d go for the Ultima. Because the winner is usually up and coming into graded company and has to have a touch of class even at that stage in their careers. Most seem to get better after going close in that so it must be a decent stepping stone.

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    Wrong thread

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    County Hurdle

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    Coral Cup.

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