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Thread: Kim Muir 2018

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    I’ve had Mall Dini down for this from the start so I hope that is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevloaf View Post
    Wanted to look at this race as Squouateur came up on another thread...

    2009 Character Building 9 1112 Jamie Codd John Quinn
    2010 Ballabriggs 9 1112 Richard Harding Donald McCain, Jr.
    2011 Junior 8 11-06 Jamie Codd David Pipe
    2012 Sunnyhillboy 9 11-11 Alan Berry Jonjo O'Neill
    2013 Same Difference 7 11-07 Ryan Hatch Nigel Twiston-Davies
    2014 Spring Heeled 7 11-06 Robbie McNamara Jim Culloty
    2015 The Package 12 11-04 Jamie Codd David Pipe
    2016 Cause of Causes 8 11-09 Jamie Codd Gordon Elliott
    2017 Domesday Book 7 11-04 Gina Andrews Stuart Edmunds

    From that, nothing carrying a low weight has won in the last 10, so 'classier' the better?

    Pipe has a ridiculous record recently, (gault last year) D/M Pipe trained four of the last 14 with The Package, Junior, Royal Predica and Maximise. Also Faasel has been second in both 2011 and 2010. Ran four in 2016 including Dr Harper fav and disappointing, Amigo 5th at 33s and Top Wood 25s 'disputing close second when fell 4 out'.

    In 2017 he had Doctor Harper finish 7th, 14th and a PU too.

    Broadway Buffalo (flagged up on page 1 by cpfcpatriot on page 1) is now 10 but looks to be the most likely candidate for him? 20/1 NRNB available... horse certainly stays and came 2nd to Cause of Causes over 4m at Cheltenham in 2015. 4th placed finish too as mentioned and Codd/Katie Walsh have both ridden him in the past.

    He is still on my radar in a race that the fav is just too short to consider at this stage IMO
    I seem to remember Broadway Buffalo was retired by pipe a couple of weeks ago, something about his old leg injury re occurring....

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