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    Cheltenham Preview Nights 2018

    Hello all. Couldnít see a thread so thought I would start one up.

    Haydock are holding theirs on Monday 5th March. Brian Hughes. Andy Gibson and Warren Greatreaux confirmed so far.

    As usual I will be in attendance and will produce a full run down on what is said.

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    Well done Jon.
    Always love seeing this thread appear, means we really are edging closer....

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    The Mirror took me to their one at the Emirates last year, hoping for a repeat invite this year

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    Newcastle do one at Newcastle Racecourse, I will be attending this year hopefully. I will do a write up soon after to give people a read!

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    Good stuff lads. I will have a scout about for dates of other previews and get them posted.

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    Unfortunately following the closure of 'Walkabout' in Temple (London), i'm not sure where this preview night will be held this year. I've been keeping an eye out as i've always found them very informative. If anyone has any clues, please do let us know

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    2018 Cheltenham Festival Preview Nights

    That time of year ...

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    Old Vic

    Already sorted fella

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    Welcome back OV - this is a great time of year!

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    Already started one of these mate. So if you would like to copy and paste the comments over that’s cool with me

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