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    Good effort that jono.

    I've always been a believer that the cross country, despite it's distance, is not as testing as regulation chases as the configuration of the course doesn't allow them to go normal racing speed until they come out into the racecourse proper 3f from home so the race wouldn't bottom them out.
    Opposing National horses who had a hard race at Cheltenham might be a sound strategy but to win a National you have to be fit and a XC run looks to be the ideal prep.

    As for where Tiger Roll goes next year I'd be shocked if they change the schedule.
    We had the same discussion on Cause of Causes last year, winner of the 4 miler and XC I thought he should aim his sights a little higher at Cheltenham, but with the National netting the winner 500k why tackle a harder race and risk your National chance ?

    As for his mark, the 'capper will push him up 8 or 9lb I reckon but of course he does have licence to apply flexibility in Nationals so could find himself with a mark of around 156 for a repeat next year....

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    That was some race, as a TR backer it was such a rollercoaster - already watched the replay a good few times. I'm not normally somebody that celebrates early, but I celebrated 2 or 3 times after the last (as could not see Pleasant Company getting back at him and was good distance to 3rd) only to freeze as the last 50 yards materialised. My initial feeling was he'd been beat and was absolutely gutted, a feeling than was only alleviated when the first photo came through, which made it reasonably clear TR had won, cue wild celebrations all over again. Ended up being my biggest ever winner and coupled with winnings from the XC TR now has to be my favourite horse. Delighted also that Saint Are was ok and all horses made it safely home for the 6th successive year I believe.

    Well done to FM and Ista who made a good case on here some time ago! Also had a small E/W on Blessed the Wings based on Kev's analysis. This place really is second to none for analysis and finding value AP bets (good post race write up Jono) so thanks again. Plan on taking a break now for a few months and hope to be back later in the summer to do it all again. Can't believe it will go as well again next season, but you never know
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