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    The OBriens

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    Pat Keane sticks his neck out ...

    In the Thursday of Killarney, Joseph O’Brien put up 2lbs overweight on Greek Goddess, who won a maiden by three parts of a length.

    Last Tuesday at Killarney he again weighed out 2lbs in excess of his allotted weight aboard Purple, who scrambled to win another maiden by half a length. O’Brien weighed in, I gather, 3lbs over. It is something that has happened repeatedly this season.

    If he weighs out almost 3lbs over, but not quite, then that will be registered as 2lbs. When you hear he is putting up 2lbs over then chances are that it will be nearer to 3lbs.

    At Leopardstown on August 16, he put up 2lbs overweight on Snow Queen. She was beaten half a length into second by What Style.

    Aidan O’Brien’s desire to make his son champion jockey is perfectly understandable, but should such a consideration override the overall good of racing?

    Punters are being short-changed on an ongoing basis and thousands throughout the country have no way of knowing that, frequently, a horse they are backing is carrying more than its allotted weight. There has been some tweaking to the weighing in procedure, but it’s no more than a fudge.

    The Turf Club’s job is to ensure the integrity of racing and to protect the interests of punters. The silence from that quarter is essentially deafening.

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