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    Argh, I'm waiting on about 60 points of expenses to be paid out to be and he's being bloody cut, just my luck

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    Topped up another 2 pts on Samcro "Any Race" yesterday with WH @ 10's and have gone the "safe" option with Bacardys and also gone in 2pts "Any Race" @ 10's
    Bacardys has had plausible mentions in JLT, RSA and 4-miler threads - so it just takes the guess work out.
    If Bacardys turns into what we expect - he will go off shorter than 10's in any of those three races.

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    Samcro also cut from 16s into 12s with bet365. Still believe 10s any race still value

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faugheen_Machine View Post
    Similar to me GB - I have more on him than any other horse when I factor in the multiples
    The 16s for Samcro has now gone, best price I can find now is 12s with 365. WH still offering 10s any race too if interested

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