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    RacingUK HD Festival Highlights

    Does anyone have all 28 races at the 2017 festival recorded/saved in Racing UK HD and able to send me over a copy? Happy to pay towards the DVD/storage method/postage

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    I have the full six hour replay on RUK but have no method of getting it onto DVD.

    They are usually on You Tube if that's any help.

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    No worries Faugheen, I can get all the RUK highlights online - was just hoping to get HD coverage.

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    If anyone knows of a way to get a hold of a copy on DVD I would certainly be interested and certainly willing to pay for the privilege

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    I've got from 2014 onwards on my planner. If I can work out a way of copying them, I'll happily sent you all a copy.

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    Thanks Faugheen, would send you money over happily.

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    There'd be no cost - but I'm not great with technology so may need a miracle to get them off my sky box

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    I'm the same terrible with technology, haha

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    Pretty sure Sky go to quite extreme lengths to make it almost impossible to do Protecting their product I suppose

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    I had a look and it looks nearly impossible to get them off Sky. Getting them off Youtube to DVD is fairly simple however

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