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    I got out by the skin if my teeth. €20 profit on the weeks betting but actually lost money on my antepost bets despite having

    My Tent or Yours ew at 50-1
    Minella Rocca ew at 50-1
    And a decent (for me) bet on Defi De Seuil.

    A list ditch €20 on Rock The World really saved the day for the weeks betting. Only my second winner of the week.

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    Much the same here Zipiter. A lot of effort for little gain.

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    I've seen the odd biggish winning slip on social media but on the whole I think it was a very quiet one for punters and a very big one for the bookmakers, still, on to next year ��[/QUOTE]

    I would agree with that COD , haven't tallied mine up yet , and pretty sure i'm down , but as you say " on to next year ", ,. Had my first headless bet - a patent . Thistlecrack - king george , Labaik -ch. hdle and might bite - gold cup !!!.

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