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    Entries are online now for this, if we are still going ahead maybe the best way is to select our individual entries ourselves then post what we've placed, this way we can all see the various entries and know how we are doing. If we amalgamate all the entries we each have more chance of winning then if any of us hits the jackpot we all share in the opportunity to benefit from a 1000 betting bank. So I guess we would decide between us how to place that betting bank and share the proceeds, all a long shot but it's fun trying.

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    Right here are my entries for tomorrow
    L'Ami Serge 20 pts at 3/1
    UDS 10 pts at 4/6
    Gevrey Chambertin 15pts at 14/1
    TNO 10pts at 4/1
    AP 10pts at 4/6
    Very Wood 20pts at 3/1
    KillalaQuay 15 pts at 12/1

    You have to put minimum 10 pts per race so I can't see much sense wasting more than minimum points on real shorties, the object of the excecise is to amass the most points, it may pay us for others to ignore the odds on shots altogether, if anyone else is still doing this that is

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