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    Hope everyone is healthy and well

    I have been in self imposed lockdown since my return from the opening day of the festival except for a 6am walk around the neighbourhood each morning, we have managed to obtain home deliveries from the supermarket after being included on the government vulnerable list.
    Like everyone very bored but happy to be alive but spend my day trying to avoid the TV but it keeps drawing me back, I am very short of hobbies and like most of us racing ruled my life along with most sports such as cricket and football.

    I hope you are all keeping healthy and avoiding outside contact because this is the one bet we can't afford to lose and have you told your other half how to unlock your accounts if the reaper comes knocking thats when all our little secrets will unfold .

    Good luck and good health to you all and I look forward to when racing returns and we can enjoy our sport once more.

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    I think there are different stages aren't there.... I'm loving it at the moment.... got in a good routine and never been as on top of my 'to-do' list (sucker for needing a list).... end up putting things on just to take them off again!

    Weed the garden today, watch back day 1 of the festival is my task for Monday

    Everybody must be dealing with it in different ways, important to find what makes yourself happy in this time. Some people are nailing exercise, some are treating it like a holiday. I felt I was wasting an opportunity for the first couple of weeks but moved past that now as I've given myself a bit of structure and purpose (even though it's mainly menial tasks!)

    Looking at the positives in terms of racing, we'll never relaly get a better opportunity to look back and analyse this years festival. It'd be the last day of the season today for NH Racing I think... and I'd already be thinknig about the Guineas... planning next week to re-watch every race and get back into it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redbridge View Post
    and have you told your other half how to unlock your accounts if the reaper comes knocking thats when all our little secrets will unfold.
    So true, I was only thinking about this a few days ago.
    Having pretty much emptied all accounts it’s not a question of accessing funds but more about those ante post multis that will cop, but yes there are several nice wins that weren’t declared....

    Good to hear from you Redbridge, stay safe

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