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    Quote Originally Posted by Istabraq View Post
    I guess if you throw in mug bets and a few sure losers it might flash up as a potential losing account so leave unrestricted.
    I got a mate swears by spinning the wheel/rolling the dice after a decent win, could be something in it...

    I've never really used them for anything other than Horses, and have not made daft bets (on purpose anyway) - Hindsight definitely

    Other thing I wondered about with my account was the Volume of bets vs The risk to them

    I bet on a regular Saturday in the region of around 50pts, but the vast majority of bets are 2pt's.
    Although I also do multiple bets like yankees etc, other than the muggy/speculative yankee bets, the risk/payout for them is rarely a danger, and this trend would be very consistent over the years. I think they feel safe that, unless I drop a Big Yankee or multiple I'm never going to hit them too hard too fast.

    I wonder if I suddenly hit them with a lot bigger stakes on a much more regular basis that it might wake them up. And/Or if I became more selective. If I hot a winning streak that is.

    I'd guess that if I was a newer account then no matter what stake sizes they'd be on to me like you said, and that's maybe why I've never had no bother.

    Either that, or they've got shit loads of my money from past years
    And I'm just catching up a little bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevloaf View Post
    Ante Post record:

    2020 - +684 pts (ROI 45.62%) - from 1500 pts staked
    2019 - +237 pts (ROI 10.91%) - from 2173 pts staked
    2018 - +351 pts (ROI 26.48%) - from 1326 pts staked
    2017 - +202 pts (ROI 19.59%) - from 1033 pts staked
    2016 - +147 pts (ROI 37.70%) - from 391 pts staked
    2015 - +84 pts (ROI 50.08%) - from 165 pts staked
    2014 - +41 pts (ROI 27.79%) - from 150 pts staked
    2013 - +8 pts (ROI 3.93%) - from 209 pts staked
    2012 - +20 pts (ROI 28.37%) - from 70 pts staked
    2011 - +8 pts (ROI 15.84%) - from 50 pts staked
    Amazing - well done!

    Thats a lot of account issues i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerRolllllll View Post
    Amazing - well done!

    Thats a lot of account issues i guess
    Thanks I hope the good run continues.

    I have some account issues. I think I've been luckier than the average so far though in 10 years, only BFSB and Sky are ones that cause me a real amount of grief. Got work arounds for both, but they're not speedy.

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