I will do a little test to see what Unibet actuallu know about this stable by listing all Hendo runners and what stance unibet has on them.
Should be intersting to see how close they actually are.


215 fak- Champagne Mystery - 15/8 unibet/ 15/8 most firms.

No strong opinion here so cant draw any conclusion from result.

245 fak- Fixed Son 2/9 unibet. Unibet are the shortest pric3 here so they consider it a certainty. Generally 1/4. You would expect a 1/4 shot to win so we wont learn much here.

445 fak- Scarpia 7/4 unibet. Unibet are joint biggest here with some firms going 13/8 and 6/4. Unibet are the shortest of any firms on the 3rd favourite African Sun and are the only firm going 7/2 with most at 9/2.. If unibet know things then this fav is likely to he turned over today. If it wins then they got it wrong.

Not much too learn from todays runners but intersting to follow them over a week and see what they actually know