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    Apprentice Fat Jockey (7lb claim) Lbur4288's Avatar
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    Jan 2020
    Allmankind (Triumph)
    Notebook (Arkle)
    The Storyteller (Pertemps)

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    Mar 2019
    Hazel Hill
    Champagne Classic
    Minella Indo

    Chicken Dinner

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    Dec 2018
    Let's call this one Scooby's mystery special. Not sure whether they will run or how good they might be. All still long prices.

    Fly Smart - Supreme
    Power of Pause - Bumper
    Rayapour - Triumph

    If you have nagging concerns that Rayapour might not make it to the festival then could substitute with the Paul Nichols De La Hey potential hotpot 'Solo' in the Triumph. For those of us who were on the PicDorhy bandwagon last year this might be the way to Triumph hurdle redemption (if he runs of course ?).

    As I said, for those who might want to chance their arms at low stakes.

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    rowland ward ( fred winter)
    Esprit du large ( Arkle)
    mighty stowaway ( foxH)

    A life changing trixie...

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    Feb 2019
    Abacadbras (supreme)
    Al boum photo (gold cup)
    Thyme hill (AB)

    Stab in the dark
    Vis ta loi (Martin pipe)
    Beakstown (close brothers)
    Mohayed (county)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istabraq View Post
    Thanks for all your help Gents, much appreciated.
    Some of these I already have covered but there were so many solid suggestions I decided to cover most and have placed three Patents (I know I said trixie but the prices are nice).

    Allmankind - Triumph 7/1
    Allaho - RSA 20/1
    Shiskin - Supreme 10/1

    Power of Pause - Bumper 25/1
    Cilaos Emery - Champ Chase 8/1
    Latest Exhibition - Potato 12/1

    Fitzhenry - Kim Muir 14/1
    Early Doors - NH Chase 16/1
    Column of Fire - M Pipe

    The final one has little value in the prices but are all NRNB.

    Thanks again, enjoyed all your input....
    Thanks everyone these have now been placed.
    I'll dig out the thread post Cheltenham if any returns are worth discussion....

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