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    Tom Segal is long past his sell by date and needs to retire.

    Elegant Escape is a superb jumper of a fence?

    I think he jumped every fence perfectly on Saturday though Cobden had him so wide and so far back it was hard to see him clearly at times as far as I could see he jumped like a stag.

    Jacks opinion holds more weight than Tom Segals.

    Wont go anywhere near the national.

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    What planet is Tom even on these days?

    He is saying he could win the welsh national off 164 which would mean he would then be rated a minimum of 171 for the grand national and he would give Tiger Roll a race from that mark?

    The man has no idea what he is saying these days and should retire.

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    Wow he thinks Elegant Escape should run in the gruelling welsh national off a stone higher than last year (less 1lb). The guy needs sectioning.

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    Elegant Escape cant jump so what he needs to do is become the highest rated welsh national winner of all time then run in a race where you need to jump 30 fences off a mark in the 170s beating the greatest Natuonal Horse in 50 years in the process.

    Ita just embarraasing to read from Tom. He cant jump so what he needs to do is go to the ultimate jumping test from 171+ and he can give the best national horse since red rum a race???
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    He cant jump so he needs to go to the race where you jump more fences than in any other race. The race that tests jumping more than any race.

    Is there an issue with drugs or alcohol here?

    I cant believe a man of sound mind could be able to qrite such rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELEGANTLY TASTED View Post

    Is there an issue with drugs or alcohol here?

    I cant believe a man of sound mind could be able to qrite such rubbish.
    Do you own a black kettle?
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    This man is I would assume is paid a very good salary to write in the racing post.

    He is saying that Elegant Escape isnt a good jumper then tips him up for the Welsh and English grand national the two biggest jumping tests going.

    The bookmakers have got to him. Must be on the payroll these days. Once upon a time many moons ago this man actually made sense.

    Rule 1 of grand national - A horse who is a good jumper. Its the first thing you look for.

    This isnt even addressing the fact that Elegant Escape is actually an excellent jumper.

    There are people out there who will actually listen to what this man says.The guys a disgrace.

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    What will Toerag Tom Segal have to say when The Legend wins the King George on the bridle and jumps them to sleep.

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    The champ isnt carring 49 bags of sugar more than the others in the King George.

    Level weights Ping Ping Ping adjust goggles ping pull clear

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    The Legend is not scared of any horse UK or Ireland. NEVER rule the Champ out no matter what the situation.

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