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    Waldgeist 11/8 to finish top 4 is a stonking bet in my opinion.
    Not that I can take advantage of it, betfair is shorter but happy to play anything evs or better, backed 3 places at 3.6 too.
    But like most I'll be happy watching Enable make history...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istabraq View Post
    I donít think Iíve read/heard anyone, professional or otherwise, mention Waldgeist.
    Was drawn out wide with Sea of Class last year, met plenty of traffic and flew to finish 4th beaten around 1.5l.
    Was closer to Enable and Crystal Ocean at the finish than at any time of the King George and won the Prix Foy with any amount in hand (weak trial granted).
    Obviously Crystal Ocean and Sea of Class wonít be there and on the book he has little to find with Enable.
    I started using free bets a while back at 16/1 and will probably look to have a more serious bet come Sunday....

    Ps - I havenít seen a 3yo who is capable of winning this, could easily be wrong but whilst the trends are strong for the younger generation and fairer sex this years race could be a buster...
    Well done Sir !!!.

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    Well done Ista.

    Now, flat seasons nearly done

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    Nice return but it does feel a little 'bitter sweet', the game needs superstars and I'd loved to have seen history made though the noises coming from Johnny G maybe her retirement isn't certain so perhaps the defeat may keep her racing for another year ?

    Being the judge I am I was chipping away at 12/1 and 14/1 during the week...

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    Well picked Istabraq

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    Well done Istabraq, saw your selection and had ew bet at 18/1.

    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morley Street View Post
    You going back in for the Opera QV... 5/2 with Billys seems pretty fair?
    I did mate.
    But been on holiday do not much
    Need to watch all races later today and see what happened

    Well done istabraq
    Sounded like everything fell perfect for waldgiest

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