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    Cashed out my bet on Emitom for this with PP. He could well still feature so I toyed with keeping the 33/1 but he looked a very raw horse last year and for me he's one where I really think would have benefitted most from a full campaign building up the experience for this race. A campaign starting off in the new year at best with just a couple of runs likely makes him less of an appeal. Big shame as one I was looking forward too and though he'll still be on mind for this, I'll happily reassess come the new year at a shorter price
    What percentage of your stake did you get back Jono? The PP cash outs on my bets vary wildly, often as little as 20-30% of original stake when the price hasn't moved

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    I got my stake back plus 10% on the cashout for Emitom but the price had come in from 33's to 20's.
    I agree their cashout offering is certainly less generous than b365 though. Not that i'm looking to cash him at all but Al Dancer for example for the Arkle is still 33/1 from when I backed him and I am currently offered 60% stake back.
    To be honest I pretty much view any cashback offering from PP a bonus as it usually is fairly poor in comparison.

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    That's really good (for PP).

    My Al Dancer is 60% as well, maybe they've improved their cash outs slightly as some of my others have risen slightly without a price change.

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