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    With the rider that Willie could change his mind at any time, it seems that Aramon will probably stay over hurdles. If he does, he'll almost certainly be trained for the Champion Hurdle with the handicap fall-back option if he doesn't make the grade. He was quite busy last season and it's possible that he was over the top by Cheltenham. The Leopardstown run would put him in the mix.

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    I think Aramon may just slightly pass under the radar throughout the season, wouldn't be surprised to see a season where he places in a couple of races through the season but still sets off around 20/1 in the Champion Hurdle, especially as KD will be getting a lot of the focus for Willies hurdlers.

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    I think Aramon will struggle if I'm being honest.

    I personally believe the only reason Aramon got near KD was the fact he was fitter at that point in the season (and he was still beat). He's been stuffed by KD the other two times.

    I'm not sure if there are plans to send him over a fence yet or not, but I think mid to long distances are the future for him.

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    Aramon would be interesting if campaigned with an eye on the county hurdle

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    He will be a few once NRNB kicks in in Jan.

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