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    So Perfect 5/1, Momkin 9/1
    Masar 3/1, Defoe 7/2
    Blue Point 15/8, City Light 10/1
    Gifted Master 28/1, Cenotaph 25/1, Southern Horse 18/1
    Cleonte 9/2, Younevercall 6/1

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    Quote Originally Posted by somer1 View Post
    Nice to start with a winner
    You've jinxed it now !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobos View Post
    You've jinxed it now !!
    Sure did the best horse came 2nd in the 3.05

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    That is the best performance from horse and jockey for along time. Sensational. Well done winners.

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    As mentioned on the 2018 thread here's Hugh Taylor's Royal Ascot figures for 2019 at advised prices by my calculations:

    Day 1. Outlay 5 points; Return 41.6 points
    Day 2. Outlay 3 points; Return 0 points
    Day 3. Outlay 6 points; Return 0 points
    Day 4. Outlay 4 points; Return 14.5 points
    Day 5. Outlay 6 points; Return 0 points

    Total. Outlay 24 points; Return 56.1 points
    Profit: 32.1 points
    ROI 1.34 points

    Profit: 39 points
    ROI: 1.56

    I know blindly following a tipster isn't for everyone but I'll happily continue to do this with HT during Royal Ascot, couple of other benefits are:

    a) Prices hold for longer than normal giving you a much better chance of getting advertised prices (PP held for 30 mins on day 1 and 365 for an hour on another day)
    b) As prices invariably contract you can look to lay part of your stake off at a shorter price effectively super boosting the advised price
    c) As you are only backing HT for a short period across multi bookies you are unlikely to get your account restricted as would be the case if you follow HT on a daily basis indefinitely

    Note to self for next year remember 365s next race free bet offer if having a winner at 4/1 or greater

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    Well, it's over.


    I'll start first:

    Roseman. I think this years Hampton Court will be well worth watching for the future. Rounding the bend he looked like he could be tailed off. Then at the 1f pole he started to motor. He only started racing in April, so it’s possible he was still green? Given he started out in April + had the ability to get within 2.5Ls of King Of Comedy at Sandown suggests there’s plenty of potential there. Might be a slow burner but i wouldn’t be surprised if Varian made him into a very decent horse.

    Japan, Fox Chairman + King of Comedy the blatantly obvious ones.

    Momkin didn’t have a great passage in the Jersey by any means, when his chance was gone Atzeni didn’t touch him. I’d argue he was value for a length or two better than his finishing position.

    Eagles by Day
    - beaten rather easily by what could be a top horse. He shaped very well and given his pedigree he might well be one to improve for even further. St Leger 20/1 not the worst in the world, for all Ballydoyle will probably have something up their sleeve as per!

    Dee Ex Bee
    - now he’s proven over the trip, a more attacking ride will certainly suit him.

    Move Swiftly- being by Farrh she probably enjoyed the ground, but i think she’s good. Could be one of the top fillies going forward.

    Honourable mentioned to Numerian as well.

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