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    EACH WAY Extra

    With 365 this concession has been very useful in last fortnight.
    I know some on here use it and have noticed Kev mention it a few times.

    But in last fortnight Iíve been using it on maiden flat races.
    Betting all the way down to over half the field a lot of time so in a seven runner race can get odds for 4th and in 8 runner 5th etc,

    Iíve noticed that if you get on before the on course tissue takes over the odds can be very generous and Iíve bagged a return each way around 6 times from around 12 attempts.

    Yesterday for example I got Norma paid at 125-1 ew for fifth place at Windsor
    And at 190-1 Frenchmanís creek at Wolverhampton for 4th place.
    Just had daddies diva placed at Nottingham at 125-1 ew.
    I know itís after time but if you look at the SP of these it gives some context.

    100, 40, 100
    Not had one win yet but very nice place money
    Definitely think there is value in these 2 and 3 yr old maiden races.

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    Just been checking out rest of Nottingham card and they may have tightened up a bit.
    After the Meydan in running edge I might be getting closed down soon

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    Yeah, I had a 190/1 placed horse (Only £1 ew) to watch the race.

    Isn't utilised enough....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevloaf View Post
    Yeah, I had a 190/1 placed horse (Only £1 ew) to watch the race.

    Isn't utilised enough....
    Lady Monica 190-1
    only a matter of time.

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    Might have to check this........

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