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Thread: Up or down?

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    Six questions for you all whilst it's raw:
    1) Are you up or down?*
    Slightly down, first time I can remember not walking away with a profit. May be down to change of tactics, or just alot of unpredictable results! Or something I will touch in the last question, Drink in wit out...

    2) What was your highlight racing wise?*
    Tiger Roll. What a horse. Followed by Altior, nearly up there with Sprinter Sacre!

    3) What was your lowlight racing wise?
    Not nice to lose any horses, but we lost some really good ones this year! And who knows how good Sir Erec could have been!

    4) What was your highlight betting wise? Best race?
    My biggest wins came in the handicaps.SIRE DU BERLAIS, BAND IF OUTLAWS, A PLUS TARD and CHTIBELLO.

    Best race would be close between Ryan Air and RSA. Didnt make a penny in either but full of class and superstars. Next year GC winner will come from these, Hopefully Santini!

    5) What was your lowlight betting wise?
    First day I had a stinker! I really fancied APPLES JADE to do it. Then Benie in the mares just rounded it off!

    6) Anything you wish you'd done differently?
    Touched on it at the start, do it every year on Gold Cup Day, go overboard with the drink in, if I let my bets roll I probably would of had a small profit. But went in hard on Mahic Saint and Dallas De Pictons and doubled up basically on every other selection of the day! With some of the prices who won it was the hardest day of the week and someone please remind me that next year!

    I changed tactics this year, where I joined the party late due to personal reasons, so my ante post portfollio wasnt as stromg as previous years.

    Also gutted I underestimated PAISLEY PARK! I just tend to have faith in the Irish!

    So open the book early this year, and dont get pissed and go overboard on the friday!

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    Six questions for you all whilst it's raw:

    1) Are you up or down?*


    2) What was your highlight racing wise?*


    3) What was your lowlight racing wise?

    Sir Erec

    4) What was your highlight betting wise? Best race?


    5) What was your lowlight betting wise?

    Angels Breath

    6) Anything you wish you'd done differently?

    Traded more eg OK Corral - had the prices but should have laid out

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    1.Up by about 300
    2.Gotta be Tiger Roll,was never a fan but what a horse.
    3.Sir Erec gutted and for the others we lost
    4.Gold cup deffo.Had a free 5 on @ 33/1
    5.Seeing most of my trixies and multis go down before racing even started
    6.Gunna try and not listen to trainers that say "hes well in","best chance of a winner" and the like but i wont!!!

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    1/ UP. 82pts invested, 138pts returned. Higher stake and less bets seems to have paid off.

    2/ Tiger Roll, absolute superstar.

    3/ Sir Erec so very sad.

    4/ RSA and Martin Pipe, first three in both.

    5/ Having the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th in the AB and making a loss.

    6/ Possibly be a little less hasty with the Cash Out. Envoi Allen the only one which hurt but I think I could of let that one run rather than taking Gordon's word. I did however save myself a fair few pounds by using this option so swings and roundabouts I guess. Also, not jump on the Any Race market so quick. Quite a few didn't even make the track, will wait for entries in future.

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    1) Are you up or down?*
    UP a life changing ammount.

    2) What was your highlight racing wise?*
    Alboum photo, Iv always had huge faith in him, and genuinely believed he wasn't done with in the RSA. Started to get worried about Willie not running him, but Justified my belief and Won the gold cup in some style.

    3) What was your lowlight racing wise?
    Sir Erec (RIP)

    4) What was your highlight betting wise?
    ABP. I was always hugely in profit before him. But you start to doubt yourself again going 3 races without a winner. The way he went through the race left me on the edge of my seat. And delighted with the financial return.

    5) What was your lowlight betting wise?

    Nothing. Iv backed what I believed would win. Regardless of the result. Can never be dissapointed backing your own judgement.

    6) Anything you wish you'd done differently?
    Not cashed envoi allen when Gordon said he wouldn't run.. Should have just cashed stake only. But that's fine. Same for vinndication even though it wouldn't have returned anything id have liked him ew at that price

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    1) Are you up or down?*

    Up, I will always give myself a great chance due to the number of free bets I accumulate throughout the year and by following the great posters on here:

    Real money investment 135 points
    Free bets 165 points
    Total return 440 points

    2) What was your highlight racing wise?*

    RSA - Dream race

    3) What was your lowlight racing wise?

    The fatalities, I would love nothing more than a 0 fatality Festival. Hope the BHA continue to look at ways of reducing risk, appreciating it is not easy. Hoping the changes made this year reduced the risk in the last 2 races, I haven’t seen them yet but understand they passed without serious incident

    4) What was your highlight betting wise? Best race?

    RSA with Topofthegame, not far behind was Al Boum Photo and Klassical Dream

    5) What was your lowlight betting wise?

    National Hunt Chase, like many, one of those I was in a great position in but was sucker punched by Le Breuil (RIP Ballyward)

    6) Anything you wish you'd done differently?

    Not much, got a little too stuck into the Arkle early doors with my free bets. But l started laying off just before the injuries came in and continued to lay Kalashnikov and Lalor (my biggest remaining winners). As I covered most of the runners I had DDG at a good price for a small stake meaning I wasn’t down much overall at all which I was very happy about in the end. That said this race took a disproportionate amount of my time and effort for no reward so would not look to repeat this again next year
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    1. Up
    2. Altior
    3. The fatalities
    4. The supreme. I had the 1,2,3 at fancy prices. Also was a hair away from a new life with a lucky 15. chitibello, kilfilium cross, spirit of the games and jerrysback unfortunately had him for the ultima not the NH chase
    5. The Ultima was a poor race for me and not cashing out some of my ante post bets
    6. Not get drawn in by the hype horses I managed to avoid Al Dancer and Angels breath but got drawn in on a fair few others

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    1. Still need to complete my spreadsheet but I’m down overall, however once I remove the fact that free bets aren’t my own money I believe I’ll be up but nothing worth writing home about. Was hoping to pay for a holiday and looks like I will be but out of my wages

    2 been opposed to him all year but the Tiger easily. Altior was good but I can’t get over the farcical start

    3.Benie, has her in every bet I placed from March onwards, and it gives the idiots a chance to crow about Ruby.

    4. Tight between the Supreme and the bumper. The Supreme, had Klassical Dream from a long way out and also the 2-3. However the bumper, I’ve been telling people(who only have a passing interest) about Envoi Allen for long time lucky not to have the option to cash out at 33/1 but also couldn’t believe he opened up at 9/2 on the course and had some. Watching him be backed and having chats with people on the course who were dead against him does help stroke the ego - which took a battering the rest of the time!

    5. Quite a few low points, but laying Frodon in my first ever lay has ensured I’m put off for life. Still don’t like the horse and can’t believe it won but should have stayed with backing others.
    Not backing Le Brueil despite constantly telling myself the best jockey always wins it, but lumped on Dallas Des Pictons rather than splitting stakes hoping to get a decent profit for the festival just ensured that I summed up my fez in one go.

    6. No Multiples after June and before March. Must have had 10-15U of bets go down in stupid multis. Need to remember to focus on a bit of book building and take more emotion out of antepost betting. There are horses that I take stands on and usually it works(e.g Lalor), but I need to be smarter about a horse like Paisley Park where I easily could have got on at double digits just to cover it.

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    1. Very successful festival. Could never best last year but very satisfying to cover my year in four days
    2. Willie's 1-2 in the Mares Novice. Great win bet - great e/w bet and fantastic forecast
    3. Other than the obvious - the Champion Hurdle was disappointing after all the build up. The two mares underperformed and the champion fell.
    4.Sire De Berlais backed at 33/1 and Barry lifting him home to net me a great payday
    5.Bun Doran backed to win rather than eachway. Only had to chase down a 66/1 but didn't go through with it.
    6.I should have had more faith in WPM and had even more on his horses in the Mares Novice - but that's just a bit greedy. Wait even longer to back horses in handicaps other than the Pertemps

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    1. Up. Between 200-300pts, haven't worked out final figures yet. Yesterday was horrific, but it was a case of what could have been.

    2. Tiger Roll, by some margin. What a bloody horse.

    3. All of the fatalities. I love this game but they hit me hard every time, not even festivals just general day to day. Even more so when they as sickening as Sir Erec's was.

    4. Supreme/Arkle double. Went a long way to clawing all stakes back and set the week ahead up.

    5. Triumph was horrific. Adjali or Pic were my main bets and obviously covered with Sir Erec. Absolutely horrendous.

    6. I thought the 'any race' bets were a great idea at the beginning of the season, turns out not one of them won I'm sure not every season they will be that poor but has made me re-think.

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