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    Quote Originally Posted by Muswell View Post
    More relevant is the fact they are moving the second last fence
    Further around?

    Where is that Muswell (article)

    Obviously it's going to be RP isn't it... I'll have found it before you reply

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    Go back to having the County as the finale...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muswell View Post
    And, belatedly, the Racing Post. The interesting quote is Claisse saying that there are other courses where the last two fences are closer together (than the 110 yards it will now be at Cheltenham). Presumably, he means Galway

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    The surprising thing is the 4 miler being last, so now they are jumping more fences when its slightly darker. I guess they are going a slower pace though so maybe that is the thinking behind it.

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    fences, speed, number of runners, visibility.

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