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    OK Corral. I stuck a small free bet on him months ago @ 20/1 for the NHC but never got a meaningful amount on before the price collapsed to 3/1. I had it ready to pull the trigger at 33/1 a few months back and never did which is annoying

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    Fakir is one for me especially after the price move on Saturday and still 40/1 in places. Have played the back with view to cash out a lot this year but was sure I had the winner in (adjali / sir Eric or pic). Given it was the triumph of all races I didn’t want too many

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    Have to say cash out has meant i’ve missed less current favs / short priced ones than I otherwise would have done, the likes of Champ, Le Richburgh, Lostintranslation and Angels Breath I’m not sure i’d have backed at big prices otherwise.

    Like others I’ve not covered last Saturday’s deadly duo PP and Fakir. No real regret about that as never intended to back PP and while a little disappointed not to see Kev’s message on Fakir i’d have only backed because of cash out and you can’t catch them all

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    Definitely Farik, after he was pointed out to be 40s and then 25s here.

    Unfortunately I was working, so didn't get on until after the race was over to see

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    Hmmm tough one as currently it's Paisely PArk, but he wasn't really on my radar so it's hard to feel hard done by

    Champ for thre Hugh Taylor reason listed in the thread

    I couldn't pick between Battleoverdoyen and Tornado Flyer when they met, so I put 1 point on each of them for the Ballymore, which isn't bad, but i'd rather have more on BOD now

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    Champ for me as well I requested a price from 365 in late October but didn't back him as they only offered 20s. That's looking plenty big enough now.

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