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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorwu View Post
    don't forget the Irish rebel-rousing protest songs.
    Nothing like hearing people singing go home British soldiers go on home while in Britain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geordieboy83 View Post
    The Chip shop Boys always entertaining.
    Heard that. Thanks. I'm sure I'll see them at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istabraq View Post
    We definitely have a Mr M already...

    As for your plans, I would avoid driving into Cheltenham and parking your car when there'a bus service that links the two, been a long long time since I came in from that direction but from memory it wouldn't have taken more than half an hour.

    Watch the races from different points, the tarmac area between the rial and the stands is banked so unless you're 4 ft 3 you get a good view of the track and the screens.
    Well worth going to the winners enclosure after a race, staying there for the parade of the next race and watching that race on the screen in the ring, then you get prime position for the winners/presentation of that race.

    Take a trip into the middle of the course, definitely worth doing for the Cross Country but I often watch other races from there.
    There's a burger van to grab a cold drink/coffee and chairs to park up if the weather plays nicely.

    If you hate Sweet Caroline and Daydream Believer avoid the Best Mate enclosure like the plague.

    Enjoy and good luck with Smiling Eliza
    Eliza had a good run today finished third but was relegated to 4th after a stewards enquiry. She has another entry for the Dublin festival at start of Feb over 2m 2f so wouldn't be surprised to see her there.

    Thanks for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by somer1 View Post
    Ya wallet.There will be a few light fingered people about
    My wallet is like George Costanzas in Seinfeld. Full of receipts so if anybody tried to take it out of my pocket they'd get me anchored to it.

    Thanks for the warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faugheen_Machine View Post
    I'd recommend getting to the course at 10:30, it gives you an hour or two to have a walk around before it gets too busy.
    Thanks. Just thinking now I'll only be leaving Birmingham about 9am on the first day of festival so will probably have to head straight there rather than going on to Gloucester and back again as that alone is probably 1.5 hour round trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie View Post
    This is a very good shout. I love just walking around taking it all in. Itís heaven
    I'll definitely get in early on the Wednesday. Getting there early on Tuesday is probably subject to traffic. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie View Post
    Go every year and had no idea. Cheers
    Stan James have usually been on the side past the the Quevga bar(one year they had a promotion with 30-40 Ďpromotersí walking round where if you liked them on Facebook youíd get a free pint. Just went from one group to the next unliking them after each turn...didnít buy a drink all day!)

    Betway have had things by the Guinness village.

    It can be hit and miss but bit of fun when you first get there

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie View Post
    The other benefit of getting there early if you haven't been before is working out where everything is.
    Yes that will help me get my bearings. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane fly View Post
    Depending on the day the bookie that is sponsoring the main race usually has a tent where you can win offers, Iíve won free tickets to the snooker, chester races, free beers etc. By playing games etc.

    Good way to pass a few minutes!
    Good shout. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FaugheenTheMachine View Post
    If itís your first time Iíd get there for about 11 and have a good walk round whilst itís a bit quieter. Loads more room in club these days since the new Grandstand was sorted, my favourite viewing place now is to go up the stairs across from the parade ring and through the walk way (thereís a tote stand in the corner) and then stand at the top of the stand. Means you can quickly get back to the parade ring to welcome back any winners. If your driving rather than drinking you might as well drive to the rugby club near course, parking is reasonable and you can get a breakfast rather than pay a fortune for food on course
    Thanks. I'll check that route out.

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