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    Another great write up VK

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    great write-up VF

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    Excellent post. Any thoughts on who best conditionals are ?

    James Bowen
    Ms Frost
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Vic View Post
    Excellent post. Any thoughts on who best conditionals are ?
    They’ve changed the regulations this year haven’t they?

    The jockeys won’t be able to claim any weight. It’s to encourage the best jockeys to be chosen rather than choosing someone who may still have 5lb.

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    Great read V.F. well done I like dorrell's myself where did you read he coughed after his last race, I missed that.

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    Was looking forward to this...……

    and I wasn't disappointed, well done again fella.

    Got a few of them noted down so good to see you have a few on your list also. I am very interested in where Dorrels rocks up and if it is here then I will be throwing a few sheckles on him to win.

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    Is Kapcorse eligible ?

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    I've backed CoF for this, but I will also be keeping my eye on Getareason for Willie. By Getaway who is doing so well this season, he seems to be improving all the time and despite being placed in a Grade 2 and a Grade 1 he has a lovely looking mark of 136.

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    Some very good points raised about the importance of jockey bookings in this race and this is backed up by the stats (thanks again Gaultstats) which identify the prevalence of jockeys who have ridden more than 20 winners.

    My understanding of the rules, though I stand to be corrected, is that jockeys must be under 26 years old and have ridden no more than 75 winners. There must be a cut-off date for this criteria but I can’t find any reference to it anywhere. That would be really useful information as it’s relevant to some of my ramblings here…

    The obvious place to start is Donagh Meyler (whose record reads 6th-3rd-1st) and JJ Slevin (1st-3rd) – however, my understanding of the rules is that neither of them qualify this year having passed the 75 winners mark. DM sits on 73 in Ireland but he also has 4 in GB and I am, rightly or wrongly, assuming that those number will be combined. If either of these qualify then they are the big names to watch out for. Interestingly Donagh Meyler rode Monbeg Worldwide for Gordon over Christmas.

    Staying with Ireland I’d pick out the following:

    Donal McInerney – 50 winners, 17 of which are this season seeing him lead the Irish conditionals title. He was 4th on Sire Du Berlais for Gordon and JP last year. Looks sure to be on a good one.
    Dylan Robinson – 40 career winners and lies 2nd in the championship this season. He was 2nd last year on Discorama. Rides principally for Henry De Bromhead who isn’t a trainer I associate with this race so he might be a nice available one to be snapped up by Gordon/Willie.
    Adam Short – 40 career wins, 29 in Ireland and 11 in the UK. He was on the 9/2F Battleford in 2017 for Willie but didn’t ride in the race last year. Rides a bit for Noel Meade.
    Conor Orr – Only has 15 wins in Ireland but they’ve all come this season and he has 7 GB wins to his name meaning he hits 20+ winners criteria. Has had a winner for Gordon already this season and wouldn’t surprise to see him on one of the decent ones in this.

    Turning attention to the UK and again there are 2 obvious starting points being James Bowen and Bryony Frost. However, again I stand to be corrected, but having both passed the 75 winner mark, I don’t believe they will qualify. As with Donagh and JJ above, if either of these 2 qualify then clearly their booking will very much be of interest.

    Of the others:

    Ross Chapman – is in tremendous form but that means he too has hit the 75 winner mark (only last weekend in fact!). If he qualifies he should be in line for a good ride.
    Charlie Hammond – 31 winners, including 21 this season. Has been used by the Pipes who like to target one here (albeit with abysmal success).
    Rex Dingle – 21 winners from just 102 rides this season. That's a cracking strike rate.
    Lorcan Williams – 26 winners, including 12 this season and will surely be used by Nicholls in this (who has a decent record in the race).
    Ned Curtis – Only has 18 winners to his name but is used by Nicky and has been 5th-6th the last 2 years

    I’d be keen to hear from others who might follow conditional jockeys more closely than I do. And if anyone knows more detail on the qualifying criteria that would be helpful too!

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    I have some recollection that if you were conditional at the start of the GB season then you are an eligible rider.

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