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    Exchange (Betfair) Traded Volumes - Percentages (Market Share)

    Not sure if it is something that interests many but it is something I keep an eye on and had decided the other day to work out percentages (market share) for each race on the exchanges (Betfair only), as to where the money has gone. Have re-calculated this morning for day 1 of the festival only. Only races with at least 1k traded have been included. Only horses with at least 4% market share included.

    Supreme (8,134 matched):

    Annamix 45.48%
    Commander Of Fleet 15.40%
    Pym 4.78%
    Didtheyleaveuoutto 5.11%
    Tornado Flyer 4.84%

    Arkle (3,772):

    Kalashnikov 31.28%
    Mengli Khan 18.43%
    Samcro 12.83%
    Draconien 6.81%
    Paloma Blue 6.55%
    Melon 5.25%
    Claimantakinforgan 4.27%

    Champion Hurdle (33,191):

    Samcro 44.49%
    Buveur D'air 28.85%
    Summerville Boy 7.31%
    Melon 5.91%
    Laurina 5.53%
    We Have A Dream 4.38%

    Mares Hurdle (1,043):

    Apples Jade 48.03%
    Laurina 36.43%
    Benie Des Dieux 8.63%
    Limini 4.60%

    I'm hoping to get the other 3 days up by the end of next week, and then re-visit again on the 1st of every month to see levels of movement, also reference for following years etc... Whether it will have any significance as to being able to find winners/losers or races for horses any earlier or not will be something only time will tell.

    I know some of us reference the exchanges, I know I certainly do, but up until recently have not tracked previous years movements etc... So will be interested to see how things pan out. Hope you don't mind me adding them to this thread though.
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    Great idea, I will be keen a good interest in this to see any trends

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    Great Thread CoD - surprised to see more down on Samcro than BVD for the Champion Hurdle. I’ve always tried to see BVD beat and backed Melon this year but I’ve sided with BVD in my anti post multis for next March.

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    Day 2.

    Ballymore (2,817 matched):

    Commander Of Fleet 55.77%
    Tornado Flyer 11.29%
    Blackbow 4.97%

    Champion Chase (20,590):

    Altior 40.82%
    Footpad 40.02%
    Douvan 9.31%

    RSA (5,300):

    Santini 44.26%
    Next Destination 15.96%
    Topofthegame 5.64%
    Black Op 5.22%
    Kilbricken Storm 4.79%

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    Day 3.

    JLT (1,492 matched):

    Samcro 35.72%
    On The Blind Side 14.74%
    Kalashnikov 10.05%
    Black Op 9.18%
    Vision Des Flos 6.97%
    Vinndication 5.90%

    Ryanair (3,186):

    Monalee 24.60%
    Un De Sceaux 23.79%
    Douvan 8.79%
    Killultagh Vic 8.28%
    Balko Des Flos 5.24%
    Min 4.42%

    Stayers' (8,089):

    Penhill 43.47%
    Faugheen 21.44%
    Supasundae 10.90%
    Identity Thief 5.77%
    Sam Spinner 4.18%

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    Day 4.

    Gold Cup (41,594 matched):

    Might Bite 31.73%
    Presenting Percy 17.08%
    Native River 10.22%

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