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I'm probably going to say no 4 , I have no Knowledge of Pedigree's , Flat or jumps.
At the end of the day , got to trust the Trainer , If they like the horse and enter it for
certain races , courses ,going , i have to assume they know their stuff.
There is a problem with this thought process, and that's the theory that every horse entered in a given race is being given the best possible opportunity to win that particular race, by the trainer and jockey etc.

I'm not suggesting anything too untoward, simply that it is a well known practice that many trainers, if not all, will at some point have campaigned horses over inadequate trips/ground or vice versa, (based on the breeding,training methods, in terms of speed and stamina based and general fitness)
They clearly do this in order to gain an attractive handicap mark which they can then exploit. Some will also do this for schooling or learning a horse to race, as well as for race fitness.
You are correct to assume they know their stuff though.
Trust no-one, except yourself, and maybe your mum and dad.