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As a man on the rams -4.5 as a teaser I’m not best pleased with that final drive defence although it is to be expected
I made the +7.5 Denver were getting almost as good as the unders HF, Calif/Florida teams heading into cold weather as big road favs generally don't cover.
The weather angle is something I've focussed on in recent years, late last season there was a Sunday where temperatures in outdoor games were sub zero farenheit (-20 celcius), might need to be patient for a repeat but there'll be opportunities this year.

My best week of the season thanks to the London/Denver unders and props I played with the main lines, but Chicago 'cap hurt me.
Thought I was one step ahead in nicking -3.5 last week and -4 yesterday lunchtime when everyone across the pond knew that Tannehill was down but Miami are rapidly becoming the most inconsistent and unpredictable team in football...