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    Anyone got experiences with Middleham Park. Good or bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by archie View Post
    It will be interesting to hear how you get on, Leman. Best of luck with it.

    A good way of getting into it at a throwaway price. A share is only 0.0333% but the size of the share has, in my experience, very little connection to the pride and enjoyment of seeing 'your' horse on the track.
    Of course, Paul N takes a financial hit with the upfront purchase but it's a handsome return if he can sell enough shares. I had a look at one that's up at the moment, a Yeats 3yo filly called Sabrina. Bought in June for 52k euro. A share in her is only 55 and covers all costs until the agreement termination in October 2019. What it means is that Paul may get as much as 100k for training her when his normal training fee would probably have made him around 40k. Good luck to him because he'll be bringing new people in to the game.

    If anyone asks my advice about Supreme, I guide them towards leasing rather than buying in the first instance. They regularly have fillies from good breeders who take them back at the end of their racing career in the hope that they have acquired value as a broodmare. No upfront purchase but no sale value at the end. Essentially, you only pay for racing costs and receive racing returns so there is less risk and you know absolutely your maximum exposure.
    The lowest they go down to is usually 1% which will set you back 26 per month.
    Thanks Archie
    That's mainly the reason I thought that I'd give it a go!
    I don't have 000's to splash around (until one of the Forum Yankees comes in!) so worth spending 54 to find out.
    I'm obviously not it it for the money (splitting any winnings 3000 ways!) but just for a taste of what ownership feels like.
    Would be good to get to an Open-Day as well (not done one before) as well as going to watch "your own" horse run.

    Will keep you all posted

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    Why not buy all your friends and family an annual ownership with Owners Group for Christmas.
    Like having your own little stable, and you can renew each year for them.
    Obviously they may prefer something for themselves, but I've never let that stop me.

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    I know someone who has been involved with Owner's Group- i believe with Champagne Express (i think that's the name). Though i din't hear how it went!

    I am in Supreme with Listen Dear+ another ( which is heading to sale as broodmare as injured)......been lucky with LD indeed as first horse. One thing i will say is don't just jump in....make a thorough judgment even if it sounds "cheap".

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