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    I don't think it's too long until we see a top weight win a Grand National, but I do think it'll be a long time before we see another back-to-back winner - so I won't be with Tiger Roll either come the day. Won't be laying at odds on either mind you!

    Get a message on your forum and invite some people over. The majority on here seem to prefer Cheltenham chatter (myself included) but no denying the importance of this race.

    ...and on the name, nothing horse related I'm afraid, my Dad was a Meatloaf fan, and so am I

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    I met Meatloaf once at one of his concerts , in Brighton. , My friend was doing the Lighting
    and i went to the Backstage door to meet him ,.The Big Man (Meatloaf ) opened the door
    to my surprise , showed me around the stage before the concert. Ellen Foley was
    warming up - Amazing Voice !!.

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    Can see TR being very short on the day if he retains his title at cheltenham

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