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    Quote Originally Posted by cpfcpatriot View Post
    So, it’s looking like something along the lines of:
    Santini (RSA)
    Samcro (JLT)
    Summerville Boy (CH)
    Identity Thief (Stayers)

    I’d like to suggest getting the bet done before Punchestown, because Punchestown would offer up more options for May.
    That would look great if they all turned up in those races, at much lower prices, plenty time to mix n match later in the year

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    Betfair is the massive stand out for this at over 21,000/1 which nobody else is over. 20k

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    I’ve placed it before Samcro and Identity Thief run this week.

    Plenty of time to get the Punchestown horses in the May and June bets.

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    Five days left.

    Who we thinking is most likely lads? If identity thief struggles today in the Stayers, I’d say no to him personally.

    Still like the Samcro JLT and Summerville Boy Champion Hurdle thlugh. Santini RSA I’m happy to let you all go for and wouldn’t be against putting in. Though I fancy next Destination for that one personally.

    Be interesting to see how identity thief gets on before we finalise this months yankee

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