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The Foinavon Grand National
Thu, Apr 9th, 2015

In 1967 Foinavon won the Grand National as an unconsidered 100/1 shot after a pile up at the smallest fence on the course.

This colour video comes from the pathe newsreel

1967 Grand National Colour Video

Classic Commentary

We would love to see these shots overlaid with Michael O'Hehir's classic commentary:

Rutherfords has been hampered, and so has Castle Falls; Rondetto has fallen, Princeful has fallen, Norther has fallen, Kirtle Lad has fallen, The Fossa has fallen, there's a right pile-up... Leedsy has climbed over the fence and left his jockey there. And now, with all this mayhem, Foinavon has gone off on his own! He's about 50, 100 yards in front of everything else!

which you wil find embedded in this more familar race video.

1967 Foinavon Grand National Video

Can anyone out there help us ?

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