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Cheltenham Festival: Winning most jockeys since 1945
Thu, Mar 19th, 2015

Winning Most Cheltenham Festival Jockeys since 1945 (Current Jockeys in Bold)

We have analysed the Cheltenham Festival wins of  the top five current jockeys and you will get a perspective of their standing in comparison with those of the past from this table. If you click on the links there is a more detailed profile of each jockey, a breakdown of their Cheltenham wins and video where available.

It is difficult comparing eras. There are more races today and the likes of Tim Molony's 10 wins came in a very different environment before back protectors, googles and the Injured Jockeys Fund. Still when we look at the men at the top of this list we are inclined to think we are living in a golden era of jockeyship.

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